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## Sensors base server
This was a quick project to see how difficult it would be to control an Arduino microcontroller over a local network with a Raspberry PI.
A [node.js]( app for collecting and displaying LLAP messages from sensors (a-la [Ciseco sensors](http://
To build the project you'll need to setup Node.js. [ideally on a PI if you want to build the project to spec.](
### Setup
Materials used in this project:
The basic setup is:
- a server which runs this app (e.g. a Raspberry Pi)
- some sensors whose messages are being received on a serial port on the server.
The app then logs the messages into a file and runs a web server, which displays the current data in a nice way.
* [Raspberry PI Model B](
* [Arduino Leonardo](
* [2x 400 tie pt Breadboards](
* [1x Full Length Breadboard](
* [4x74HC595 Shift Registers](
* [7-Segment Display - 4-Digit](
* [24 Leds](
* [Bunch of Jumper Wires](
### Credits
1. [Follow the schematic to wire everything up](
2. Flash the sketch at /arduino/node-led/node-led.ino onto your Arduino
3. Connect the Arduino to your PI
4. Fire up the Node server by running the app via > node app
5. Point a web browser at the IP address of the PI e.g.
Any questions, comments, suggestions open an issue or [post a comment on my blog.](
![Node-LEDS-schematic]( "Node-LEDS-schematic")
Originally inspired by [Node-LEDS](