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  flabbergast b5888e6887 Update README. 7 years ago
  flabbergast fb2003f9cc Add simple logging of data to csv. 7 years ago
  flabbergast d546d39f23 Add init calls to sensors; update TODOs. 7 years ago
  flabbergast e38162bada Clean up hoisting out the sensor code. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 2a17e26176 Hoist TM sensor code to a separate file on the server side (uglily). 7 years ago
  flabbergast c88ec018ec Provide the app's version for rendering. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 26235a89f1 Clean up a little. 7 years ago
  flabbergast e921280966 Fix client-side sensor code separation. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 13baef9662 Remove sublime-project file (has absolute dir in it). 7 years ago
  flabbergast f51d9172a7 Separate the sensors code on the client side. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 57f2bcd488 Update dependencies to newestest modules. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 8f140295ba Add detecting URF stick on Pi. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 7d2156c539 Update README. 7 years ago
  flabbergast eb8e38fcf9 Add a refresh button for displayed logs. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 64644aa84b Update bootstrap. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 866b2194a9 Rearrange the page layout (one column). 7 years ago
  flabbergast 6ef3a31beb Basic log displaying. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 89feb99af8 Update readme and package.json. 7 years ago
  flabbergast 3eb54147a7 Update readme. 7 years ago
  flabbergast cd0b316168 Add a basic temp sensor display. 7 years ago
  flabbergast a9c9e480a6 Add logging incoming messages to a file via winston. 8 years ago
  flabbergast d296f19a3d Rework web interface (3 columns). 8 years ago
  flabbergast e9f59c2810 Update bootstrap (2.3.1). 8 years ago
  flabbergast 3156531c5a Finish communication web interface. 8 years ago
  flabbergast 3c3a5fdb30 Send LLAP message on 'enter' from textbox. 8 years ago
  flabbergast e70f196eef Incoming serial data is llap-packetized. 8 years ago
  flabbergast 32b6452380 Can send LLAP messages from web interface. 8 years ago
  flabbergast bc7a1a8315 Initial checkin. 8 years ago