Forth code for Mecrisp (+Stellaris) on STM32 and MSP430
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Forth code for Mecrisp (+Stellaris)

It is intended for my home environmental sensor collection, and miscellaneous hobbyist devices. Primarily for jeenode zero, but for a few of my own boards/variations as well.

Most of the code is actually sliced out from Jean-Claude Wippler's embello collection. I've kept the structure from that repo, so to go back over embello, it is possible to just copy the files into explore/1608-forth directory. There are naturally some changes to some of jcw's code, so your mileage may vary. I decided not to fork the embello repo, because it contains too much more than just the forth code, and I find it overwhelming.

Since my goal is to have some long-running sensors reporting over RFM69 radios, the focus is on the rf69 driver, sensor code (usually over I2C, but sometimes over SPI), and sleep code.

Also, I bought some STM32L041 chips (TSSOP-20 package), and these buggers only have 32k flash. So, I found myself minimizing code dependencies (having min/extra split in the sources).

Finally, there is some code for MSP430, mainly MSP430G2553. These have amazingly low power consumption and a convenient sleep mode, although small flash and RAM. So the code for these is more-less very stripped down version of the Stellaris code.


I have a bunch of sensors based on 8bit ATMEL/Arduino. While programming in C comes with a lot of convenience (for me), I found that having to keep track of libraries, megabytes of IDE, code-compile-upload-test cycle, etc.. is cumbersome (again, for me). Also, using it for STM32 ARM chips comes with its own gripes (well, it did when I started with STM32 ARM MCUs, cca 2015). The immediacy of Mecrisp Stellaris and the closeness to bare metal holds an immense appeal (once more, for me). Just a bunch of text files, immediate interactive testing, no compiler needed. Smashing!

One more thing: the joys of backward compatibility in my setup. I want the RFM69 code to be able to interoperate with my existing atmega/attiny sensors and the gateway. Fortunately jcw has already written an amazingly clean/minimal rf69 driver usable in Arduino; just a few tweaks to radio setup were needed to be able to talk to jeenode zero "factory" firmware. That code is here; in particular my gateway is an atmega328p on pocket beagle - described here.


  • flib is the main library of code (mostly jcw's and from mecrisp stellaris): L0 and F1 drivers, communication drivers with some external devices (e.g. some sensors).
  • deploy contains "turnkey" code for some hardware devices that I have.
  • cores has some mecrisp stellaris binaries.
  • jz4 has the sources for the embello/"release" firmware for jeenode zero, plus a few extra "development" files: I use jz4 for development because it has plenty of flash, so various "convenience" bits (hexdumps, prettyprint, disasm,...) fit into flash without any compromises.
  • bat-board-l052 and sbo-l041 are two of my homebrew boards: bat board and sbo, a try-out board for TSSOP-20 packaged STM32L041.
  • suf072 is a port of jcw's suf to F072, i.e. running forth prompt over USB.
  • msp430: this code is for mecrisp, 16bit forth running on TI's MSP430G2553 and MSP430FR2433 MCUs. The space is very tight on these (the G2553 with mecrisp has 5kB flash and 160 bytes RAM available).
  • scripts: see below


Pretty much all the forth sources here use the convention of using include to 'insert the given file here'. folie resolves these automatically when sending words to a MCU, but since it is not a forth word, anyone not using folie is buggered (there are usually many of includes and they can be nested).

So this script produces a single self-contained forth source by resolving all the includes (and optionally also \ on_top_of <file>). If you are using *vim, the included sources should be nicely folded when you open the resulting file.

Example: python3 scripts/ deploy/sbo-sht31/deploy.fs > sbo-all.txt


This repo does not contain a single "project", and some files come from someone else. Some from Jean-Claude Wippler (these are in the public domain). Some from Matthias Koch: these are patches or extensions to his amazing mecrisp and variants. These are GPL-licensed, and this is indicated by the license statement at the beginning of each such file. (This means that anything "released" which uses mecrisp core also needs to be GPL-licensed.)

I release my own code/words into public domain: unlicense. So use as you like; no warranties. A mention would be nice.