Forth code for Mecrisp (+Stellaris) on STM32 and MSP430
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25 lines
776 B

\ USB console for F072
\ 2019 flabbergast (public domain:
\ modelled after Jean-Claude Wippler's USB console for F103 boards
\ in embello:
$5000 eraseflashfrom \ this must be loaded on top of a *clean* Mecrisp RA image!
include hal-stm32f07.fs
include ../flib/any/ring.fs
include usb.fs
: init ( -- )
\ with the 'spezial' mecrisp base, mecrisp's init doesn't run so...
%111 17 lshift RCC-AHBENR bis! \ enable GPIO ABC
48MHz-after-reset \ go to 48MHz
usb-clk \ prepare HSI48 clock and CRS
usb-io \ switch on USB console
( usb end: ) here hex.
cornerstone eraseflash