PlatformIO programs for my Jeenode-like sensors
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PlatformIO "jee" sketches

Note: used to be "Arduino" sketches; but on 2019-06-23T18:19:05 I've switched to PlatformIO. The Arduino code is in the arduino branch, and pretty much "frozen".

As of (2018-01-28T23:57:41) the sketches rely on the "newest" RFM69 driver from jcw, a.k.a. native. It should be compatible with Jeenode Zero (with Mecrisp Forth and jcw's driver).

rfu-htu21d, rfu-th02, rfu-thermistor

For Ciseco's RFµ-328, with a HopeRF's RFM69CW radio soldered on, on a XRF thermistor coin cell board from Ciseco.

I have two that use HTU21D (although one is called 'th02', the th02 sensor that I've used before went bad). Temperature and humidity.

(Sorry, the Ciseco links don't work anymore, the company went bust. One more reason to stick to open source...)


For a JeeNode Micro with a TMP102 temperature sensor.


For Mini Relay Box. Has a relay and ACS712 current sensor. It is pretty neat - small and powered from the AC it switches.


For Button size node board. It's got Si7020 temperature and humidity sensor, and BH1750 lux sensor. (Plus a few more things, like SPI flash and ATSHA204a, which I don't use.)


Gateway rewritten so that it doesn't depend on any arduino/platformio stuff. Just uses avr-gcc, avr-libc, and make.

ex_bareavr is a bare avr-gcc example with uart, millis and one demo pwm enabled - basically the bits that are usually needed, without using arduino/platformio sugar.


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