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  flabbergast 7c02e3f9b8 Add pb-rfm69-cape. 8 months ago
  flabbergast 3952605e63 Add serplus batshield. 1 year ago
  flabbergast 67f03e4bc8 Cleanup and update bat board. 1 year ago
  flabbergast c18ff3b583 Update bat board. 2 years ago
  flabbergast 3b7fdc4cf3 Update. 2 years ago
  flabbergast f761743ebf STM32-QFP48-breakout rev1. 2 years ago
  flabbergast 0e936b9266 Add STM32-QFP48 breakout; update. 2 years ago
  flabbergast e1fb970b4b Update. 2 years ago
  flabbergast 6fd141de53 Small update. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 6e85edb90a Add W-board (F042F6P6 5v-tol pins out). 3 years ago
  flabbergast 07cf996441 Add plates dxfs to kb45p. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 635dd809d5 kb45p: Add CON1 labels and BOM. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 9ba5047b85 Add README. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 307639e12e Update kb45p sheet annotation. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 2a0f641512 Update kb45p sheet annotation. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 8b24fde5a2 Add main library. 3 years ago
  flabbergast 1cdb7f1f3c Merge branch 'master' of github.com:flabbergast/kicad 3 years ago
  flabbergast 10aca53b78 Add submodules (hasu's repos). 3 years ago
  flabbergast 9ab0bd7070 Initial commit 3 years ago
  flabbergast 3e77c3f8d0 Add .gitignore. 3 years ago
  flabbergast c374c6d40f Add freerouting.jar. 3 years ago
  flabbergast f073c68133 Initial checkin: kb45p. 3 years ago