flabbergast's kicad files
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flabbergast’s kicad files


This is a PCB for a 45% keyboard. Supports ALPS and Cherry MX switches. No LEDs, only one SMT LED on the front bottom side. The supported layouts are this and this.

The controller MCU is STM32F042K6T7 - 32kB flash, 6kB RAM, DFU bootloader in ROM, LQFP-32 package. The BOOT0 pin for entering the bootloader on power up is brought out to a pushbutton on the bottom side of the PCB.


A.K.A. the bat board. A Teensy-sized breakout for STM32* MCUs in QFP48 package. Tested with STM32L052CxTx, STM32F072CxTx, STM32F103CxT6. Please see the main page (the bat board) for more information, documentation and how to make yourself and/or order one of these.


This is a simple shield for the bat board. The main purpose is to turn a bat board into an USB-to-serial device, but there are a couple of extra things (button, RGB LED, …). Please see this page for documentation, some pictures and links to relevant firmware.


A half-mounted Pocket Beagle cape with RFM69 radio, atmega328p, RTC, atsha204, a few status LEDs, and a JST connector for Pocket Beagle backup power. See this page for some photos and a little documentation.